Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July, oh how you have flown by.

(Loving on littles in Totolya) 

It's been a long time since I've blogged! Life here is Guatemala has been crazy busy but so perfect at the same time. When I got back from Honduras we had about 100 people here at the mission (which is so many for us!) and our volunteer coordinator left for a few days so it was a crazy transition back. Life has pretty much been the same for the past few weeks. Monday through Friday we take groups out to work. Our projects are the same still; stoves in Xejuyu and Nueva Providencia, Coffee, Reforestation, building the road to Providencia, construction at the clinic, and starting to build a school in Totolya. Weekends are pretty much free. Saturdays we have been trying to hike in the mornings and play soccer and Sundays are our free day (unless we go on the boat with groups). One Sunday I got to go to a convent near Panajachel so that was pretty cool and last Sunday we got hike up and see a water project that's going on right now. My parents and some friends came for a week so that was fun. Also Fourth of July we took a boat trip and the cooks made us fried chicken, potato salad, and Apple pie. It was super fun that they did that for us! My phone broke so I don't have many pictures anymore. But I'll try to post some of the Facebook ones. :P  We have a few new long terms so now there's seven of us in our house. Also he last Saturday we got to learn how to make Guatemalan tamales by some women at asociación IJATZ which was super fun! We have down time today. Only five people here but tomorrow the groups start to come in and we will be back up to 100 people in a couple days. 

(Fourth of July boat trip with grace) 

(Coffee bean sorting)

(Tour translating)

(Convent near Pana)

(Stoves with Wilmer, Ricardo, and Liz)

(Tamale making)

(Reforestation filling bags to plant trees)

(Music with the parents' group)

(Watched the final World Cup game at cabaña. Still bummed Argentina lost)

(On top of the world in the cemetery)

(Smoothie making with josh and grace)


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