Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"We're diverting to El Salvador"

I woke up early in Houston and went back to the airport and coincidently was on the same flight as one of the other long terms that was flying in. Our flight started off fine (there was turbulence basically the whole time but it didn't bother us) and I was sitting with a ton of pastors and a super sweet girl about ten years older than me. We talked a lot and slept for a little bit on the flight. Then we prepared for landing and about 30 minutes later the pilot announced "we're currently in a holding pattern above Guatemala City. We can't land yet and we don't have any information about when we will." Then after while we tried to land and we got super close to the ground but then all of a sudden we started heading back up in the air and then the pilot announced "We're diverting to El Salvador. We can't land due to the weather conditions in Guatemala City." So we flew to El Salvador (featured above) and waited for a couple hours. Which actually went super well and everyone got to meet other people and use the restrooms and such. Then we flew back to Guatemala got our luggage and drove to San Lucas. We're currently staying in a hotel because with all the rain the Long Term House is dangerous because of land slides. We just ate dinner and went to bed. Then this morning (Tuesday) we slept in and had breakfast an hour late and then sorted coffee. Then we watched Tangled in the biblioteca that afternoon because there's not much we can do with the constant rain due to Tropical Storm Boris which is affecting us right now. Another group is coming in tonight though. 

(Tangled projected in the biblioteca)


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