Saturday, June 7, 2014

Goodbye storm, Hello Home.

(Sign on my door from the volunteer coordinator Katie)

On Wednesday we led the new group on tour in the morning and then we got to move home the the long term house in the afternoon because the storm left Guatemala! 

(My bed)

(Mine and Gracie's room) 

(View from the roof)

Right now we have only had one group in the mission from University of Scranton so we've been splitting them up and taking them to projects. For the past two days I've taken them to stoves which is personally my favorite project. It's also very powerful to the groups because you are literally building the stove inside the home of the family that it is going to and you get to meet them and see a little piece of their life. The first house that we went to was very poor and of course they had a ton of kids (it's Guatemala!) So I just kind of translated for the three missioners that I had and the workers, let them do most of the work (because it's really only a job for a couple people), and played with the kids. This little boy that was I think four years old just stole my heart. I played with him most of the time. We danced together, walked around forever with his feet on top of mine, and so many different things. The was attached to me the whole morning we were there. Then as we were leaving he wouldn't let go of me and started crying. It absolutely broke my heart. Then we moved on to a second house which took a day and a half and that house was a little richer and also had tons of kids including a baby girl who turns one today! They were such a sweet family and even bought us sodas and chips to thank us. I love seeing the stove projects through the eyes of new volunteers and connecting with the families. 

(Kids from the first house)

( new best friend) 

(My favorites <3) 

(We all carved our first initial with the kids in the extra cement at the first house) 

(My group at the second house) 


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