Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Machetes, clothes lines, and new friends.

Monday morning we woke up, had breakfast, and headed out to projects as usual. But this time I took half of Scranton in a truck to "cut corn". Which let's be honest we had no idea what that meant. So we start driving in the back of the truck, stopped and picked up machetes, and then drove for quite a while. Then all of the sudden the driver pulls over and tells us each to get out and grab a machete because we were there. We walked down this path until we were literally on the side of a mountain (which looked especially creepy because it was covered in fog- pictured above) then we proceeded to use machetes to clear out all of the weeds surrounding the baby corn plants. Then it started down pouring so we headed back to the mission, attempted to dry off, and had lunch. Then after lunch we started to paint the church which is super exciting because that happens only about every ten years. We did that for the afternoon, rested, had dinner, and went to bed. 

Tuesday I woke up around six and did laundry! It took me about an hour which definitely made me appreciate my washer and dryer back home. Such a good way to start the day with a little insight to the typical morning of a Guatemalan woman. Then we went to breakfast and I headed back to Xejuyu to do stoves again but with the other half of Scranton that didn't go last week. We worked on that until about three, came home, hung out and watched soccer, had dinner, sorted donations, and headed back home for the night. Tomorrow I'm going back to stoves for the day and then Thursday I head to Honduras for two weeks. 

(Scranton weeding with machetes.)

(A selfie seemed appropriate in case we died) 

(Flooded street outside our house Monday) 

(Painting the church white)

(Part of Scranton painting)

(Washing clothes in the pila) 


(More laundry)

(New friend: one of the stove workers) 


  1. Good luck in Honduras princess. I know you will be out of touch, but know we are praying for you every day. you are not alone. So proud of you!!!