Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oh hey there Texas! Nice to see you again!

May we never lose our wonder. 
Wide eyed and mystified,
May we be just like a child,
Staring at the beauty of the King.
May we never lose our wonder.

I finally left California for Guatemala! My first flight from Sacramento to Houston had a lot of problems and ended up leaving extremely late. The flight went super well once we took off. I had a window seat which I was totally happy about because I love watching the clouds and land go by. Plus I had a ton of new music to listen to including one of my favorite songs right now, Wonder by Bethel Music (lyrics above) which fit perfectly with the flight. We even flew through a little bit of a storm which was beautiful to watch. To be honest I slept most of the flight. 

I ended up landing in Houston about two and a half hours late so I missed my connecting flight. It's probably my fault for saying I was bummed I wouldn't be in Texas longer. :') Everything is good though because United was amazing and set me up with a hotel overnight (my room featured below) and a flight in the morning which coincidently I just found out one of the other long term volunteers will be on as well. 

Anyway I'll update probably in a few days or whenever there's something worth blogging about!


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